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Code of Ethics

The given regulations are a set of ethical rules to be followed by the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board commits itself to meet the needs of readers and authors respecting their rights and legitimate interests. The Editorial Board is responsible for the scientific quality of published research and for processing of the materials made independently from commercial interests

The manuscripts are admitted, reviewed and published openly. In case of any changes made to the existing rules, the concerned persons are informed via this website. It is expected from the editors and authors to respect established procedures of manuscript submission and processing, aiming at transparency, effectiveness and honesty. In case of insufficient scientific value, any violation of editorial policies, incompatibility with ethical standards, conflict of interests and when guides for authors are not adhered, it is of competence of both editors and authors to decline/withdraw a manuscript. Any problems are due to resolution via correspondence between the editor and the author.

By submitting a manuscript, the authors confirm that the materials presented are obtained by the authors, the authorship of all contributors is accordingly presented and the work has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The decision of the editorial office on whether to publish a book or an article or decline it is based solely on the quality of the submitted scientific material. The editorial policy rules out the possibility of commercially-based influence on the results of the expert judgment and disclosure of the decision on the article acceptance/rejection.

By admitting the manuscript for processing, the editors confirm that it will be subjected to reviewing and that those manuscripts which were not reviewed or received negative expert evaluation will not be published.

The Editorial Board invites the experts in the respective fields of research for the manuscript reviewing process. The reviewers are selected to obtain high quality expert evaluation of the scientific material. The Editorial Board assigns reviewers with no personal interest in publishing or declining of a certain manuscript. In case of the conflict of interests, the expert is to notify the Editorial Board and refuse to review.

Membership in the Editorial Board is regularly renewed and expanded on the basis of bibliography analysis and suggestions of the current Editorial Board members. The Editorial Board provides reviewers with all the necessary information on their rights and duties, as well as on the procedure of reviewing and requirements for a review. The office reserves the right to cease collaboration with the reviewers not performing their tasks properly or behind the deadlines.

The Editorial Board is responsible for the personal information privacy of authors and reviewers, as well as for non-disclosure of other information received in the course of the publication procedure.

The Editorial Board respects the protection of intellectual property and demands that both the authors and the reviewers check the submitted/reviewed manuscripts for plagiarism and false data, as well as notify about any violations of the ethical code by the authors. In case of necessity, the Editorial Board renders assistance to authors whose property rights are infringed. Reviewers also have to check whether the data described in the submitted manuscripts were obtained as a result of the research conducted in accordance with the International scientific society principles.

The Editorial Board acts firmly in case of revealing the facts of the ethical code violation by the authors both for published and unpublished materials. In such cases, the Editorial Board declines publishing of the material, demands response from the violator and provides the proper investigation of the incident.

The Editorial Board encourages scientific discussions including comments to the published materials and responses to the comments.

The website contains the materials protected by copyright and means of individualization. All materials protected by copyright can be recognized as objects of author's pocession according to Article 1259 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
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