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Founder - All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection (VIZR)

ISSN 2310-0605 (Online), ISSN 1815-3682 (Print)

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The "Plant Protection News Supplement" publishes results of original researches, theoretical reviews, applied works in the form of thematic collections of papers or monographs in Russian and English on the biological problems concerning plant protection:  modern methods of plant protection, including methods of creation of resistant varieties and pathogenic forms of biological control; diagnostics of harmful and useful organisms, phytosanitary monitoring and forecast, agrobiocenological diagnostics of agroecosystems and modeling of processes going tthere;  technology, economy and ecological safety of application of plant protection means.

The subscription is not practised, the printing is carried out, as a rule, with the financial support from authors and institutions with a full advance payment.

Electronic versions of books (files of the PDF format) are archived with open or limited access on the websites h (Russian Citation Index); (with DOI assignment - the Digital Identifier of the publication);; they are published on other websites at the request of authors. The international ISBN number is assigned at the request of authors.

Since 2004 till 2016, eleven books were printed in printing house, being distributed among the main libraries of Russia and other countries. Since 2013 till 2019, 16 electronic books were published, being available for downloading on this and other websites. About 40 leading scientists from VIZR, VIR, VSU, KUBSU et al. have participated as authors of monographs and editors of collections of papers.

Attention! Free access to loading of electronic versions of the issues of last years is open (files of the PDF format, volume of files up to 12 Mb). You need the Adobe Reader program of version 7.0 or above to be installed on your computer. The program is free. To download a distributiму of its last version go to

The website contains the materials protected by copyright and means of individualization. All materials protected by copyright can be recognized as objects of author's pocession according to Article 1259 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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